Did Lee Haney Take Steroids Or Is He Natural?

Lee Haney is a first man in the history who won the Mr. Olympia title for eight times in the year 2005.

Lee Haney is a man of great physique who break the record of Mr. Olympia like Arnold won the Mr. Olympia title in a series similarly, Lee won the Mr. Olympia title in a series of eight times from the year 1984 to 1991.

Lee Haney steroids

After that, Ronnie Coleman tied the Lee Haney Mr. Olympia record in October 2005.

Lee Haney had never aimed to fame. He had nothing any goal to prove.

He simply loves exercises and always enjoying the workout for improving the body posture and overall physique.

Athlete Statistics Of Lee Haney:

  • Weight of the body: 250-265lbs (113.3-120.2kg)
  • Height of the body: 5’11’’ (180cm)

Body Measurements:

  • Arms: 20’’
  • Waist: 31’’

Because, He won Mr. Olympia eight times in a series, so most of the people think that he definitely took the steroids.

bulking up
steroids for bulking

So here we are going to discuss that he was completely 100% natural or on the drugs through physical evidence and assumptions.

First, we check out the Lee Haney background.

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The Journey Of Lee Haney Bodybuilding

Gain Timelines:

In the year 1971, when he was only 12 years old got a source of inspiration by the sets of weight and training guide.

He has started the weight training since childhood and joined local YMCA, where he developed the balanced physique.

For the next four years, Lee continued his training and developed one of the defined physique among his age group.

High School Competition:

He participated in the variety of high school competitions like basketball, athletics, and football.

At the age 19, Lee won the Teen Mr. America trophy.

This trophy begins his journey.

Pro Card:

After starting his career, spent years on dieting and training, he returned with an incredible physique.

Lee Haney after winning the World Amateur Championships in the heavyweight, got his Pro Card at the age of 23 years old.

Did He Use Steroid?

We just collected some points that may help you to understand.

Late 80’s and Early 90’s:

Lee Haney never told the legal steroid use and always claimed as natural.

He always pretends his self as a natural.

cutting legal steroids
steroids for cutting

In the 90’s, steroid use did not consider as illegal.

So, everyone gets steroid easily by the pharmacy and the prescription by a doctor.

It is the wonder that Lee Haney never tried any drugs or the steroid.

Ronnie Coleman 8x, Arnold 7x And Jay Cutler 4x:

Arnold, a man who won the Mr. Olympia for the seven times admitted the use of steroid.

Ronnie Coleman vs. Lee Haney

Jay Cutler, who won the Mr. Olympia for the four times accepted steroid use.

Learn everything you need to know, including results of Clenbuterol cycle and possible side effects.

Ronnie Coleman, 8x Mr. Olympia accepted steroid use so do you think that Lee Haney is all natural?

Signs of steroid:

If you see the lee Haney pictures, so you can observe the symptoms of steroid.

Looking up to steroid sign is one of the great ways to differentiate.

  • The Lee skin color is changed in more darker form
  • The steroid use can increase the body temperature and turns the skin color
  • He had also developed gynecomastia, steroid gut and had excessive vascularity in all over the body.

Workout Training:

Lee Haney training included a lot of heavy weight.

There are many testosterone booster for sale which can help in muscle building and stamina.

Lee Haney workoutFirst, he pumped out the muscle in a system of training and then hit the compound movements.

His workout regimen was included in the 5 sets of leg extensions, 5 sets of leg curls and 15 reps.

Lee stressed the muscles by pump out the 225 pounds to 350 pounds of sets.

The Lee Haney program known as the “TotaLee Fit With Lee Haney”, where the instructors guide physical and spiritual growth.

Lee nutrition consisted of the 5 meals per day to increase the body energy.

The diet includes in lean proteins, green vegetables, fruits and complex carbohydrates.


The normal one can naturally build up the 177lbs with 5’11 height, Lee is 73lbs higher than a normal range.

However, Lee was born with a great genetic and started weightlifting since childhood contributes more.

He is bigger than Arnold and almost many famous bodybuilders.

Most of the people, don’t have a good genetics naturally.

If you are trying to do most of the everything, you do not achieve without steroid use.

Everything is possible by 10 to 11 years of training and hard work, speed up the process by use of steroid.

Lee Haney left his college, scholarship, and education just for aim to becoming a professional bodybuilder.

Lee Haney, 8x Mr. Olympia

He made his name in the history by making efforts.

We cannot underestimate the Lee passion, efforts, and training.

There are many bodybuilders who take steroids like dbol and trenbolone, but they did not have a physique like Lee Haney.

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