Polynesian diet strategies: 7 tips to help you lose weight permanently

It always amazes me when I hear about the Polynesians who have suddenly died of a heart attack, diabetes, and even a malignant colon tumor, at such a young age. My grandfather was extremely young when he hit the bucket of malignant growth of the colon.

My mother, who is now 62 years old, suffers from a long and endless illness, inflammation of the joints, a stroke and now suffer from diabetes. Apart from my close family, I see different Polynesians whose illnesses have caused a PureFit Keto Reviews and I’m afraid they do not live to see their grandchildren. So, what is happening to our parents and what can we do to stop it?

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I’ll give you seven of the best tips you can use to get in shape and get healthy from now on, but first I need to reveal a little about myself.

I am a Polynesian man in his thirties. I was raised in New Zealand to appreciate the guards of six young people. I went to the United States in the late ’90s to go to class. After the main year of the university, he had gained more weight, approximately 15 pounds. No important event on the right, outside the base. As he passed each year, he was developing more and more unattractive muscles compared to fat.

It was very unusual for me because it was very dynamic and I played many specific games, like rugby, ball, tennis, and volleyball. Of course, I had the feeling of being in the form of a violin and the subtle muscle surprised me every day against the accumulated fat. I neglected it for a while until the day I flipped through the photographs I had just created. I saw an injection of myself where my back was facing the camera. For a concise minute, I was confused with this identity. I did not see myself I felt humiliated and embarrassed to understand that the way I thought of looking at her and seeing her changed completely. Is this what people see?

Now, I bought some scales to evaluate the damage. After three years of disapproval, I measured a great weight at 246 pounds. I was paralyzed. It was not the most terrible part. I began to have terrible torments in my chest and experienced instability and difficulty breathing. I felt tired constantly. I found myself increasingly discouraged. So, what was happening? All things considered, more or less, I ate bad food, on bad occasions, and an abundant excess.

I chose to go on a mission, lose 30 pounds, after all, the difficult thing would be to be right. I want to say that I am a diligent employee, it should be a breeze. So I did what the vast majority did: go to the neighborhood gym, accept a register and a physical trainer, buy all the protein bars, shakes and the improvements they prescribed. I even bought a wellness magazine and bought the suggested items. With all that in mind, I had spent some money to start, but it was good since I was really presenting.

I spent the next three months working with my mentor twice a week and four times a week, only on Sundays. My exercises included 35 to 45 minutes of cardiovascular exercise six days a week and weight training for 60 minutes, five days a week. At first, I started losing a few kilos a week. He was really energetic, gradually, but without a doubt, he began to lose 2 pounds per week, at that moment, not at all. My mentor told me “we need to change their keto diet a bit and work a little more”. Trust me when I reveal that he was hurting me to get me in shape like a violin. There were days when I was the only one in the leisure center at 1:30 am to do cardio. The maids joked that he expected to pay the lease. I was there to such an extent.

And after that, in my next speech, I really gained 2 pounds. My trainer assured me that it was a gain of muscle and not stress because the scales do not recognize the addition of muscle, neither the increase of fat, nor the muscle pain, nor the unfortunate misfortune. I suspected in the light of the fact that I felt much more fragile. I could not press on the seat or legs what I could 3 months ago, and in case I really gained muscle, I should not be on the ground anymore. I did not like it.

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